Dear readers

For many of us, a turbulent and strenuous year is drawing to an end. A lot has happened, plans made, and the projects derived from these realized, or perhaps even cancelled or postponed until the new year. A lot happens in our times, which certainly feel as if they are speeding ahead at ever faster pace. And again, we are all faced with important decisions on which goals to pursue, where to invest and when it’s better just to sit tight and wait.

We, too, as your trade journal regularly ask ourselves critical questions on where our journey should take us. Should we go for print or online? Making this decision isn’t easy, our readers are too different. In the interest of all of them, we are currently going down both roads: In our 100-year-old trade journal, we shall continue to publish reports from research, case studies as well as current news.

But, we are also focussing more on online publication. In April 2016, we launched our ZKG app, which you can use to read our journal online from anywhere. Since October 2017, we have doubled the frequency of our newsletter, it is now issued twice a month. This way, we can inform you faster of the latest news from the industry. Of course, we are interested in how you, our readers, find this. We should be pleased to receive any feedback and perhaps even some new ideas.

Let’s hope that the coming, final weeks of the year give us all some time for reflection and we find some peace and time for ourselves and the people who mean something to us.

For 2018, I wish you all the best, health and happiness, exciting new projects and great success in their realization.

We should be delighted to accompany you again through the new year!


Anett Fischer


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