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In this issue of ZKG International, too, we have a spate of reports for you about topical sector-specific issues and the latest research findings.
We interviewed Florian Hofbauer, executive board member at Renk AG, about the new COPE Drive for Loesche mills and its various advantages (p. 26 ff).
Beginning on page 30, a Leiblein filter system installed at Schaefer Kalk is featured. Its modular structure permits the integration of additional lamella separators without difficulty to cope with higher water throughput.
Market reports from Egypt, Mexico, Argentina and Algeria sketch out the present situation of the cement industry in those countries (p. 32 ff).
The article entitled “Increasing the availability of high-precision dosing systems by remote maintenance solutions and pro-active service” provides an overview of typical concepts and methods for the use of remote maintenance procedures and corresponding pro-active services, taking as an example a high-precision bulk material dosing system (p. 48 ff).
Ömürden Genç, Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, explains the results of a study called “Grinding and classification performance evaluation and modelling of an industrial scale horizontal roller mill process” (p. 56 ff).
Part 3 of a series devoted to the “Simulation of limestone calcination in normal shaft kilns” deals with the “Influence of particle-size distribution and type of limestone” (p. 64 ff).
Finally, in our “Patents” column, you can peruse our monthly overview.

Have fun reading.


Anett Fischer
ZKG International


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