Dr. Klaus Dyckerhoff

It is with great sadness that to announce the death of Dr. Klaus Dyckerhoff, who passed away on 09.03.2014.
Klaus Dyckerhoff was born on 17.11.1927 in the Wiesbaden district of Amöneburg. After living in South America, where he worked first as a student trainee and later as a works manager in the cement industry, he returned to Germany in 1952 to pursue his studies at what is now the Clausthal University of Technology at Clausthal-Zellerfeld in the Harz Mountains. For his doctoral thesis “Investigations on Cement Raw Mixtures with a very high Silica Modulus“ Klaus Dyckerhoff also worked at the then newly inaugurated Research Institute of the Cement Industry in Duesseldorf. He continued his professional career at Friedrich Krupp GmbH, where he was appointed to the Board of Directors in the mid-1970s.
Since his time at the Research Institute Dyckerhoff maintained a close affinity and continued to support the VDZ until shortly before his death. Young scientists were particularly close to his heart, demonstrated by his sponsorship of many diploma and doctoral theses in the field of research. The internationally distinguished Dyckerhoff Foundation, founded by Klaus Dyckerhoff and his wife, furthermore supports with its uniquely endowed Klaus Dyckerhoff Prize outstanding scientific and corporate achievement in the field of cement and concrete. His humility and down-to-earth manner, which he maintained throughout his life, left a lasting impression on those he met.
The cement industry and the scientists he supported owe Dr. Klaus Dyckerhoff a great debt of gratitude.


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