Efficient process line for the production of high-quality surrogate fuels in Bulgaria

Vecoplan AG has been developing suitable technologies for preparing and handling materials with RDF quality. The company provides machines and equipment for use in the recycling of wood as well as scrap and waste materials. This article focuses on the production of alternative fuels made from materials derived from commercial and industrial waste – and gives an overview of the most important preparation steps. As a solutions provider, Vecoplan has designed and implemented a complete RDF processing system for Ecoinvest Assets, one of Bulgaria’s leading waste recycling companies. The line produces 50 000 to 70 000 t of solid fuel per year.

1 Introduction

The use of alternative fuels in the energy-intensive cement industry offers a win-win situation for all concerned – cement manufacturers, local communities and the environment. The use of alternative fuels not only conserves fossil fuel resources but also actively reduces CO2 contamination during production. A highly positive side-effect of this is the newly emerging waste concepts in the regions surrounding the cement factories. These are based on waste materials from communal landfill sites – that is to say, waste from private households and comparable facilities as well as...

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