RU 2 685 569 C1


(22) 03.09.2018

(45) 22.04.2019

(57) Field: technological processes. Substance: invention relates to gas purification in electrofilters and can be used in power engineering, metallurgy, cement production and other industries. In electrofilter each precipitating electrode is made of two rows of precipitating elements, each of which is made in the form of E-shape profile, where the middle fragment along the length of the precipitation element forms a V-shaped protrusion with a rounded top, and the long ends of the extreme fragments are bent towards the protrusion. Swages are made parallel protrusion in extreme fragments along length of precipitation element, bend of swages corresponds to direction of projection bend. At that, in the precipitation electrode ledges on the precipitation elements of one row are arranged opposite to the gaps formed by the settling elements of the adjacent row and are directed towards this row, and rows in sedimentation elements of one row are located opposite ridge in sedimentary elements of adjacent row. Effect: higher efficiency of gas cleaning, reliability of electrofilter operation.

(73) Eroshenko Vitalij Grigorevich (UA)


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