WO 2021/000796 A1

Flue gas treatment apparatus for treating CO, dioxin, and white smoke plume

(22) 28.06.2020

(43) 07.01.2021

(57) In the present utility application, a flue gas treatment apparatus for treating CO, dioxin and white smoke plume is disclosed. The flue gas treatment apparatus comprises: a clinker production device having a flue gas outlet; a flue gas purification pipeline comprising a flue gas purification inlet, and a flue gas purification outlet disposed correspondingly and in communication with the flue gas purification inlet by means of pipelines; and a flue gas purification device for purifying the flue gas and is disposed between the flue gas purification inlet and the flue gas purification outlet. A reaction portion and a heating portion are provided in the flue gas purification device. The reaction portion is located in the heating portion. The heating portion is used to heat the flue gas generated in the clinker production device. The reaction portion is used to react the heated flue gas. In the flue gas treatment apparatus of the present utility application, the flue gas from the clinker is heated by the heating portion and reacted and purified by the reaction portion, thereby avoiding environmental pollution.

(71) Qinhuangdao Xinte Technology Co., Ltd., Hebei 066004 (CN)


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