US2018251324 (A1)

Fully automated cement horizontal storage

(22) 02.01.2018

(43) 06.09.2018

(57) The present invention is a new method to efficiently reclaim cement from a horizontal warehouse. This new reclaiming method combines a mechanical cement reclaiming machine, together with a reduced amount of open air slides. Material is fluidized through a porous media with low pressure air. Material flow is achieved by sloping the Air slide conveyor to match the fluidized angle of repose of the powdered material. Further, the present invention introduces a conveying system, comprising a cascade of open and enclosed air slides and elevator machines, to convey the cement from the reclaiming area to a dispatch hopper. The introduction of these components, together with cement stacking and dispatch systems, is a Fully Automated Cement Horizontal Storage system and method.

(71) Sucre Luis (US)


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