Future issue or everyday business?

Prior to informing you in this issue about the latest industrial research findings, we would like to present you with an overview article on digitization (p. 26 pp).

 As Prof. Dr.-Ing. Prof. h. c. Wilhelm Bauer sees it, digitization is having a fundamental impact on our economy and society as a whole, and everything is changing at an enormous pace. Our industry certainly does not count among the pioneers of big data and virtual reality, but both have long since found their way into our lives. For example, many of us probably have already taken a virtual tour of a cement plant.

As far as our companies are concerned, though, what does all this have to offer in terms of process efficiency and higher productivity? Which new challenges, products and services are in store for us? How much do we need to invest for what? In fact, where do we even start?

The digital future, if not already the present, will bring lots of change. New technologies and methods will affect our working world and create exciting job profiles. But, is the industry ready for all this? Are we doing enough to get highly qualified, digitally competent young people enthusiastic about us? Are we ready for a new work culture?

 One question after another … More questions than answers, that‘s for sure. This autumn, experts from the cement, lime and gypsum industries will be convening at various technical conferences all around the world. I‘m curious to see the extent to which digitization will be addressed. We will be keeping you up to date!

Anett Fischer
ZKG International


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