GCP Applied Technologies receives European patent on sustainable cement grinding methods

GCP Applied Technologies Inc., a leading global provider of construction products technologies, announced the issuance of a patent for increasing the efficiency of cement grinding by using sustainable raw materials. The novel grinding aids and quality improvers allow the use of bio-derived glycerol and reduce the use and the impact of oil-derived chemicals.

This development continues GCP Applied Technologies’ commitment to offer cement producers a complete portfolio of products and services, enabling them to lead in cement quality, cost efficiency and sustainability. The new OptevaTM and TaveroTM cement additives enable cement producers to reduce the energy consumption and the CO2 emissions associated with cement production, with a reduced use, or no use at all, of oil-derived chemicals.

European Patent No. EP 1 728 771 B1 has been granted and registered in seventeen European countries. The patent addresses methods for increasing the efficiency of cement and mineral grinding by using sustainable raw materials.

The patent relates to methods for improving the efficiency of grinding materials such as clinker and limestone, using glycerol derived from biofuel production, in combination with various grinding additives. GCP products can help shrink the carbon footprint of cement and concrete. Grinding aids and quality improvers make cement manufacturing more efficient, while concrete admixtures can reduce the amount of cement needed to achieve a given strength specification.


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