Hannover Messe abuzz with Industry 4.0 and Partner Country USA

This year’s Hannover Messe attracted over 190 000 visitors (up from 175 000 in 2014 as the last event of comparable scope) intent on future-proofing their operations and investing in state-of-the-art technology. More than 50 000 of them came from abroad – an increase of some 25 % over 2014. Attendance from the USA and China soared to record heights. Roughly 5000 American visitors came to Hanover. With 6000 visitors coming from China, the People’s Republic once again topped the list among foreign nations, second only to Germany as the host country. The visitor tally for the rest of Europe was 3000.

Industry initiatives from Germany, the USA, China, Japan and the EU have come together to embark on a shared journey into the digital future. An excellent example was the “Industrie 4.0 Meets the Industrial Internet” forum, which attracted more than 8000 attendees eager to catch up on the latest technologies, standards and business models for integrated industry.

The trade fair featured many real-world application scenarios with smart technology for the world of manufacturing, thus making Industrie 4.0 a tangible experience. The solutions on display ranged from retrofits of individual machines right on up to full production-line integration, complete with data capture and analysis in the cloud.

Another keynote theme of this year’s event was “Integrated Energy – the ­Energy System of the Future”. Displays there covered the complete supply chain in the energy industry – from generation, transmission, distribution and storage to alternative mobility solutions. These displays were anchored by a special display called the “Integrated Energy Plaza”, presenting a unique interactive model of a complete regenerative energy circuit.

The Industrial Supply show at Hannover Messe confirmed that Industrie 4.0 is also becoming a routine requirement for today’s industrial suppliers. Other key themes in this category included new materials and lightweight design. Trade visitors were treated to a wide range of design ideas and lightweight design components made out of plastic, composites or steel.

Meanwhile, “Young Tech ­Enterprises” – a brand-new showcase at Hannover Messe – made clear that, apart from IT, there are also strong incentives for startups in industry.

The next Hannover Messe will be staged from 24.04.-28.04.2017, with ­Poland to be featured as its official Partner Country.



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