Heat recovery for energy-efficient waste gas cleaning

The structure of many industrial and power plants was engineered decades ago and often offers only limited space for the installation of waste gas cleaning systems. Therefore, it is not usually possible to apply in-process methods that clean hot raw gas. The alternatives are waste gas cleaning systems at the cold end. These can be installed further away from the actual process, however, they require in most cases an increase in the waste gas temperature so that, for example, the chemical reaction can take its course in a catalytic converter. To generate the heat with a low energy input, Kelvion supplies the Rekugavo recuperative gas preheater.

A recuperative preheater is a gas-gas heat exchanger that extracts heat from a stream of hot waste gas and transfers it to the raw gas that is to be cleaned. During ongoing waste gas cleaning, the raw gas can be heated with the heat of the cleaned waste gas almost to the input temperature required for the catalytic converter. Burners or other systems for reheating therefore only have to effect a low temperature increase amounting to just a few Kelvin (Figure 1).

Recuperative gas preheaters are suitable both for denitrification in low-dust DeNOx-systems, on the basis of a SCR catalytic converter...

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