Hot gas filter for a clean ­environment

During the combustion/gasification of solids, the flue gas is often contaminated with dust particles. This also applies to hot exhaust gases from rotary kilns, coke ovens and other thermal plants such as cement factories. Has it been necessary to cool the gases through quenching before filtering, there is now the possibility to filter these gases at high temperatures of about 250-800°C. The German MeliCon GmbH, Hueckelhoven, developed a new method for doing so.

Pure hot gas filters based on certain filter media are the core of this product. These filters are designed according to the application as candle or bag filters and can also be integrated into existing systems. Typical lengths are between 1.5 and 2 m and a diameter of about 100-180 mm.

While the filter medium MeliPlate consists of a fabric laminate, and can be operated continuously at working temperatures of 450 ° C, MeliCon offers with the MeliFil line a medium on the basis of a combination of metallic fibers and fabrics. It can accommodate up to 800°C and is thermally and mechanically stable. Life cycles of 8000 h wereclearly exceeded.


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