IKN placed order for A TEC Greco Kiln Burner

A TEC Greco will deliver its Kiln Burner to HeidelbergCement’s plant at Burg­lengenfeld/Germany. The project will be realized by the end of 2016 and is part of a complete modernization of the plant at Burglengenfeld, which will be carried out by IKN.

The scope of A TEC Greco’s supply includes the engineering, design and manufacturing of a tailor-made combustion system including the required peripheral systems for an efficient and reliable operation.

The axisymmetric design of the A TEC Greco burner using three airflows allows optimizing the combustion process and therefore maximizing alternative fuel injection. Additionally HeidelbergCement achieves high control over NOx emissions through simple procedures. The burner operates with an outer, individual to kiln conditions (essentially to the secondary air temperature) adapted momentum flow of primary air (external air), whose high momentum and therefore high exit velocity is decisively responsible for the slim, firm shape. That produces a shorter and high radiant flame compared to low momentum burners. The high momentum is equivalent to the mixing zone length of the flame, which follows the ability to control the flame from the ignition point to the remaining flame length. The burner thermal power is 75 MW. The fuels which can be used are lignite, sewage sludge, RDF, diesel and solvents.



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