WO 2021/225567 A1

Improved catalysts and processes for
the direct production of liquid fuels from carbon bon dioxide and hydrogen

(22) 25.07.2020

(43) 11.11.2021

(57) Embodiments of the present invention relates to two improved catalysts and associated processes that directly converts carbon dioxide and hydrogen to liquid fuels. The catalytic converter is comprised of two catalysts in series that are operated at the same pressures to directly produce synthetic liquid fuels or synthetic natural gas. The carbon conversion efficiency for CO2 to liquid fuels is greater than 45%. The fuel is distilled into a premium diesel fuels (approximately 70 volume %) and naphtha (approximately 30 volume %) which are used directly as “drop-in” fuels without requiring any further processing. Any light hydrocarbons that are present with the carbon dioxide are also converted directly to fuels. This process is directly applicable to the conversion of CO2 collected from ethanol plants, cement plants, power plants, biogas, carbon dioxide/hydrocarbon.

(71) Infinium Technology, LLC, 2020 L Street. Suite 120, Sacramento, CA 95811-4260 (US)


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