WO 2016/134552 A1

Inorganic ­cement material and ­manufacturing method thereof

(22) 03.03.2016

(43) 01.09.2016

(57) Provided are an inorganic cement material and a manufacturing ­method thereof, the cement material being manufactured from, in parts by mass, 90-95 parts clinker obtained from steam curing and calcining material blocks or material balls manufactured from 65-80 parts fly ash, 20–35 parts of lime measured in terms of active CaO, 0.5–2 parts stimulating agent, and 15-50 parts water; and 5–10 parts gypsum. The present inorganic cement material uses low-quality fly ash with high carbon content as the main raw material, with a low calcination temperature and low heat consumption.

(71) Miami Energy Conservation (HK) Co., Limited, Hong Kong (CN)

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