International event for the drymix mortar community

The Fourth International ­Drymix Mortar Conference and Industry Showcase idmmc four takes place on the 18.03.2013 from 09:00 until 17:30 at the Kleine Meistersingerhalle. It is one of the few truly worldwide events for the drymix mortar community. Organized by directly before the bi-annual European Coatings Show, idmmc four provides (apart from lectures on the pressing topics in the drymix mortar world) ample time to re-unite and network. The conference also features a comprehensive Industry Showcase, where all major suppliers to the mortar industry as well as those for lab equipment display their goods and stand by for questions. The traditional Delegate Welcome takes place as a casual evening at the ­Barfüsser im Mautkeller, a more than 600 year old former grain depot, on Sunday, 17.03.2013, at 19:00 (RSVP mandatory).

The Technical Chairman of idmmc four is Prof. Dr. Johann Plank, Technische Universität München (TUM), he is assisted by a Technical Committee consisting of Mario Kristeller (MCK Consultoria, Sao Paulo/­Brasil), Mr. Tan (Easyplas, Shenzen/China) and Prof. Dr. Andrey ­Pustovgar (MGSU, Moscow/Russia). Lectures by the following companies have been accepted by the Technical Chairman (in alphabetical order): Aalborg White, Air Products, Akzo Nobel AG (former Elotex AG), Avebe, Dow, Kerneos, Kalekim, Maleki, MC-Bauchemie (in cooperation with TUM), Momentive, Peramin, Rotec, Schönox (a Div. of Akzo Nobel), Tolsa, Ube Industries and Wacker. The admission for ­idmmc four is net € 370 for regular delegates, reduced admission for members is € 320, all prices are subject to 19 % VAT. Online registration for delegates is available at:


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