Investigations into the mechanical properties of Portland slag cement based on GBFS and steel slag

The aim of the study is to investigate the utilization of steel slag in the manufacture of Portland slag cement (PSC) by partial replacement of granulated blast furnace slag (GBFS) with steel slag. In spite of its nonconformity in terms of glass content (≥85 %), as specified in Indian standard IS:12089-1987 for slag to be used in the manufacture of PSC, different PSC blends were prepared using 40, 45, 50 and 55 wt.% of steel slag to investigate the sole use of steel slag in cement. PSC blends were also prepared by partial replacement of 15 % the granulated BF slag by steel slag so that the effective glass content of the composite slag fulfilled the criterion of the Indian standard. These slag cement blends were evaluated for their physical characteristics, such as consistency, setting time, compressive strength, etc. The effect of curing in different aggressive media on the compressive strength of slag cements containing optimum levels of GBFS and steel slag was studied by immersing the hardened cement mortar cubes in solutions, i.e. sulfate (0.33 N, Na2SO4) and chloride (0.5 N NaCl) salts, along with plain water for up to 6 months. This indicated that the resultant PSC blends were resistant to aggressive environments. The study showed that steel slag in combination with granulated BF slag could be used in the manufacture of Portland slag cement.

1 Introduction

Formulations of blended cements based on natural or synthetic inorganic minerals are associated with the conservation of resources, energy and cement along with lowering the clinker factor in cement. The mineral balance in nature is disturbed by the depletion of natural minerals on one hand and the rapid growth of by-products from increased industrial activity on the other. Energy has to be expended to form the hydraulic clinker minerals in Portland cement but industrial waste materials containing useful minerals with intrinsic hydraulic potential offer a ready-made solution.


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