Korea Cement Association joins WCA as an Affiliate Member

The World Cement Association has announced that it is welcoming the Korea Cement Association (KCA) as an Affiliate Member of its international network.

“KCA has a long history supporting the advancement of the cement and concrete industries locally, and we look forward to working with them in a global context,” explains Ian Riley, CEO at WCA. “It’s important for us to have a diverse membership that is not just made up of cement producers, and so we’re very keen to welcome other associations that share our goals and values.”

Korea’s cement industry employs more than 4800 people and produces around 51 million t/a, and KCA counts nine of the leading players among its membership.

Since its establishment in 1963, KCA has embraced a range of responsibilities, from making government policy recommendations to producing information and statistics on the cement and construction industries. The association’s mission is to advance the effective uses of cement, concrete and related products, to meet the economic, technological and environmental needs of the construction industry.

In 2018 KCA was recognised for its work to improve recycling of waste materials in the cement industry, and was awarded the grand prize in the category of Resource Circulation at the Korea Environment Awards. The same year, the association organised an international seminar in Seoul, which analysed the durability criteria and the certification system related to cement concrete, calling on the cement industry to improve the durability of construction.

Affiliate Membership is designed for regional or national cement associations and other partner groups, which are not-for-profit organisations working in areas related to the objectives of the WCA. Through this membership, WCA invites companies to be part of its network and together improve industry standards worldwide.


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