M-Group integrates RefraSolid

On 01.11.2018, the M-Group integrated RefraSolid, a company specialized in safety technology.

The M-Group is a worldwide organised group of companies that offers a wide range of services for refractories technology, across all industrial sectors, including aluminium and cement. In lime kiln technology the range of performance covers repair, modernization as well as new constructions.

Over the years and with a focus on the cement industry, RefraSolid has shown itself to be a market leader in the sector of overhead protection in roof applications and safety. With its innovative safety systems, this company perfectly complements the M-Group, which is now making this know-how available to other sectors.

With its own company specializing in safety technology, the M-Group is reaffirming its pioneer spirit and visionary leadership. The integrated concept offers all customers a unique spectrum of products and services with a clear focus on safety.

Industrial furnace operators are regularly confronted with the necessary maintenance of their manufacturing and refractory plants, which can be very complicated, involving high risks. Every inspection presents a challenge: i.e. short shutdown times and high-quality and solid repair work with optimum safety – these are the challenges of every project. It is not possible to meet these challenges without professionals. It is logical to entrust these tasks to specialists who can offer all the necessary services from one source.

With the decades of refractory experience of the M-Group and its principles of quality, on-time execution and technical know-how, the customer can feel safe with the M-Group as an ideal partner: short shutdown, highest quality and utmost safety.

Individual safety solutions that always fit

RS Safety Web

The RS Safety Web is currently one of the most innovative solutions to make refractory ceilings safe – easily and quickly. The risk of fatal danger caused by falling material will be minimized. RS Safety Web plus factors are:

different dimensions can be combined individually and fit in accurately at different places of installation (cyclone ceiling, kiln hood etc.)

simple installation with clear assembly instructions

short installation time (only a few minutes needed) and high flexibility during installation of the guiding pipe: feasible with existing kilns as well as in the planning new kilns

less maintenance thanks to dedicated concepts

RS Safety Net

The RS Safety Net is the second system for ceiling protection. It fits perfectly in all sectors where falls from heights together with kinetic energy have to be considered. RS Safety Net plus factors are:

recommended for: calciner, gas pipe and kiln hood

precise calculations based on worst-case scenario ensure the highest quality

specifically engineered brake systems make for a rounded concept

RS Protector Two

The RS Protector Two is an easily moveable safety scaffold in a lightweight aluminium construction. It makes it possible to inspect a rotary kiln with up to three persons at the same time. There is no need to remove the entire coating first. Other RS Protector Two plus factors are:

inspection and assessment of damage to refractories

minor repairs may be completed directly

elimination of “false alarms”



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