US 2019/0112228 A1

Macro-cement compositions, method of producing macro-cement and engineered forms of macro-cement, and multi-stage homogenization process for preparing cement based materials

(22) 13.12.2018

(43) 18.04.2019

(57) A macro-cement and associated methods useful for preparing pastes, mortars, concretes and other cement-based materials having high workability, high density, and high strength are disclosed. A method of producing a macro-cement includes cement, supplemental cementitious materials (SCM’s), including siliceous submicron-sized particles and nano-sized particles, and polymers in the form of liquid or dry chemical admixtures for concrete. The cement mixture may be used for making ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC).

(71) Macrocement Industries Ltd., Toronto (CA)


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