US 2022/0162120 A1

Method for manufacturing cement from an aluminosilicate raw material

(22) 23.11.2021

(43) 26.05.2022

(57) A method for manufacturing cement may include: supplying at least one etching effluent of a substrate based on silicon including a silicate of an alkali metal, M, having formula SiO2:M2O, and having a molar ratio SiO2:M2O greater than or equal to 0.8; supplying an aluminosilicate raw material, and mixing the aluminosilicate raw material with the etching effluent having a molar ratio SiO2:M2O greater than or equal to 0.8. The silicate solution of alkali metal may be recovered with an existing silicon industrial process, implementing a silicon etching. The environmental impact of the method of manufacturing cement may therefore be reduced.

(71) Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives, Paris (FR)


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