Metso acquires Kiln Flames Systems Ltd., KFS, to extend pyro processing capabilities

Metso has closed the acquisition of the UK-based combustion solutions and technology provider Kiln Flame Systems Ltd., KFS, to extend its pyro processing portfolio and capabilities.

KFS specializes in rotary kiln and calcining processes, combustion optimization and burner technologies with pa-tented designs. It provides solutions to a wide range of industries including minerals processing. KFS has 14 employees based in High Wycombe/UK.

KFS will become part of Metso’s Minerals Services business area, which offers a comprehensive line of pyro processing equipment.

KFS is a world-leader in rotary kiln and calciner combustion and process optimization. It was founded in 1999. KFS’ distinctiveness is based on its mastery of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for burner design and system analysis backed up by an extensive history of physical modelling.


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