Mobile gas-turbine SGT-A45 – Fast power

Companies active in mining and cement need electricity – lots of it. But sometimes the electricity that powers conveyor systems, drives, lighting, control rooms and more is in short supply. One common reason is aging or unreliable infrastructure. The unplanned retirement of an outdated power plant or the loss of a reliable distribution network can cause significant unbalance in electrical grids, leading to production losses. Mining operations in remote locations often suffer from unstable electricity sources – or even the absence of a grid connection. Another common situation is when great amounts of electricity are needed on a temporary basis. This could be the case when an otherwise out-of-commission cement mill is put into operation temporarily.

Siemens Power & Gas provides a solution: fast-track power plants based on mobile, aero-derivative gas-turbine technology. The centerpiece of the offering is the SGT-A45.

Highly efficient and flexible

With fast-track delivery and an installation time of two weeks or less, and significantly higher power output and density than comparable products in this market, the SGT-A45 offers considerable cost-saving potential. In addition to the fast implementation time is the fact that the units are pre-assembled and mounted on trailers. A plug-and-play design allows them to be integrated into existing grids quickly. The unit’s high fuel efficiency and operational flexibility ensure low operating costs and a high level of adaptability to the requirements of mining and cement customers.

The performance advantage of the SGT-A45 mobile unit is amplified in hot climates: At 30°C and in 50 Hz operation, the SGT-A45 still retains almost all of its ISO-rated output, without any auxiliary water injection. Where water injection is used, the unit produces a near constant power output up to ambient temperatures in the proximity of 40°C. In both cases, the aero-derivative design provides the operational flexibility required by the cement and mining industries. A further advantage is the fuel type: Dual-fuel capability of natural gas and diesel is standard, with the ability to change between fuels at any load without having to shut down or disturb operations. On request, the units can be adjusted to run on other fuels too.

And when the additional power is no longer needed? No problem: the trailer-mounted power plants can be quickly redeployed via truck or airfreight to a different location. Of course, if something more permanent is needed, Siemens Power & Gas has other solutions on offer depending on the available fuel and generation demand.


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