Mobile solutions in bulk materials handling

Samson Materials Handling Limited specializes in the design and manufacture of mobile bulk materials handling equipment for surface installation across multiple industrial segments representing flexible and cost saving solutions. In a highly competitive bulk materials industry, the Samson range of mobile equipment offers: High performance with total reliability, a compelling alternative to fixed installations, no need for dedicated civil works and excellent return on capital equipment. Samson Materials Handling Limited, a supplier of ports and terminals, mining industries and agricultural markets across the globe, is part of the Aumund Group.

The shiploading system

Samson create complete conveying solutions from mine to ship, efficient systems for exporting and importing materials without the need for expensive civil works, effectively saving time and space. Fully mobile shiploaders with their associated feeding and transfer systems offer the possibility to occupy a berth only during the loading of the vessel. After loading the complete equipment may easily be travelled clear and stored elsewhere allowing the berth to be utilized for other cargoes or even container handling.

Samson Shiploading Systems can trim the whole hold from a single machine position and eliminate the need to move the equipment during operation. Consequently the effective through ship loading rate is significantly increased as the lost time in manoeuvring the machinery is eliminated. This is particularly important with relatively light cargoes, where capacity loading of every hold is critical. Using a variable speed control for the trajectory, loading may be varied to place the material wherever the operator wishes for productive level trimming.

The Stormajor for

bulk materials handling

The Stormajor offers high capacity stockpiling and ship loading from a single integrated machine available with a range of specialized features tailored for each application.

A universal bulk loader, the conveyor offers very high handling rates.

For tipping truck deliveries the buffer holding capacity of the integral Samson Material Feeder allows even faster truck unloading resulting in a higher average rate even taking into account delays in positioning the vehicles.

The Samson Material Feeder

The concept of the Samson Material Feeder was developed to satisfy the demands of clients requiring a mobile solution to receive general bulk materials such as coal and aggregates direct from tipping trucks where fixed plant was not a viable option.

The Samson Material Feeder concept eliminated the need for any truck ramps, or fixed civil work and was rapidly extended to fixed plant projects where the flexibility of surface installation is a clear benefit. This is particularly realized in port applications where the high ground water level makes conventional underground pits expensive to construct and maintain and in quarry and mining environments where the positioning of the feeder needs to be flexible to serve the active areas of operation.

For extra heavy duty applications Samson have developed the MFD range using sealed and lubricated tracked (SALT) vehicle chains designed to receive bulk aggregates with the density of 1.4–3.0 t/m³.


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