WO 2020/042679 A1

Multi-roller vertical cement roller mill having alternately standby grinding rollers

(22) 31.08.2018

(43) 05.03.2020

(57) A multi-roller vertical cement roller mill (20) having alternately standby grinding rollers, being used for milling materials, and comprising: a grinding disk (5) for placing materials; a plurality of grinding roller groups (17) provided above the grinding disk (5), each grinding roller group (17) having two grinding rollers (1-4) symmetrically provided on two sides of the grinding disk (5); a plurality of swing mechanisms (19) correspondingly connected to the grinding rollers (1-4), and each swing mechanism (19) being used for controlling the swing grinding of the corresponding grinding roller (1-4); and a hydraulic control device (6) connected to the plurality of swing mechanisms (19), the hydraulic control device (6) being able to selectively control one grinding roller group (17) of the plurality of grinding roller groups (17) to swing to grind materials by means of the plurality of swing mechanisms (19), while the remaining grinding roller groups (17) do not work so as to be maintained or cleaned.

(71) Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu 226600 (CN)


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