New VDZ Process Engineering Expert course in September 2022

Together with the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences (HSD), VDZ has developed a new German language course for industrial foremen and engineers.

The new course provides participants with in-depth specialist knowledge of modern cement production and plant technology. Besides process technology, the qualitative and environmental aspects of cement production also play an important role. The course is designed in particular to provide junior staff and those with an interest in engineering and the natural sciences, as well as industrial foremen in the lime/cement industry with the necessary tools to progress their careers. The first module starts on September 12, 2022.

The six-week course is a residential course with three classroom modules and one final workshop. Module 1 will address process control and optimisa-tion and will ensure that all participants start with the same level of knowledge. Module 2 covers current developments in plant technology in the areas of combustion, grinding and emission control technology. The third module covers topics from the fields of cement chemistry and concrete technology and takes a look ahead at the upcoming challenges of decarbonation. Finally, employee management, health and safety, and project management will be addressed. After a final exam and project work the participants will receive a graded certificate. More details and registration at:



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