New cements now available

In response to growing requirements, ­Opterra Wössingen GmbH has been marketing its CEM II/A-M (V-LL) 52.5 N as a replacement for CEM II/B-M (V-LL) 42.5 R-AZ since the start of 2016. The optimisation of the main constituents, fly ash (V) and ground limestone (LL), makes it possible to achieve higher strengths without increasing water demand. CEM II/A‑M (V-LL) 52.5 N thus has a normal early strength, and achieves a strength after curing even higher again than the CEM II/B-M (V-LL) 42.2 R-AZ previously available. Applications for Opterra Wössingen GmbH’s new composite Portland cement include ready-mixed concretes – particularly during the cold months of the year – ready-mixed concretes with elevated strength requirements, plus concrete products and prefabricated concrete components.

Following the successful start of production of OPTASTONE special cement for concrete paving and other concrete products at the company’s Karsdorf plant, OPTASTONE has also been produced at Opterra’s Wössingen plant since February. The special OPTASTONE grinding process, and the use of ground granu-lated blast-furnace slag (GGBFS) as a main constituent in addition to Portland cement clinker, assure extremely good compaction characteristics and excellent surface quality in concrete produced using this special cement. OPTASTONE conforms to the requirements for a CEM II/A-S 42.5 R Portland blast-furnace slag cement in accordance with DIN EN 197, Part 1. A bright cement, it supports homogeneous and intensive coloration using coloured pigments. The risk of discoloration, so-called “blooming”, on the concrete surface is also reduced. Unlike conventional cements, OPTASTONE has an optimised particle-size distribution and permits even better compaction and more uniform surface quality.



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