New thermo detector for preventive fire protection

Fagus-GreCon has supplemented its portfolio of detectors for preventive fire protection with a new thermo detector that monitors surface temperatures more flexibly than ever. Three contact sensors mounted at freely selectable points constantly monitor the surface temperature. As soon as the temperature rises above a predefined threshold, the monitored unit is automatically de-energized. This substantially reduces the risk of smoldering fires caused by the accumulation of dust on casings and enclosures. In addition, the resultant extra high-precision temperature values open up new analysis options for objectives such as preventive measures.

In future, the GreCon control console can be integrated into the user’s own machine control system via the field-bus standards Profinet, Powerlink and Ethernet/IP. GreCon provides all three leading Ethernet-standard links in order to track and evaluate all system states at one central point. This facilitates decentralized system architecture. The event data from the engineered safeguards tie in easily with the process-control data, hence establishing new detail-analysis capabilities for optimizing the production plant with regard to safe operation.

Fagus-GreCon’s mobile fire protection app rounds out the company’s pertinent innovations. Via app, SMS or email, a predefined group of people is automatically and immediately informed in the event of a fire or system disturbance. This expedites pinpoint emergency management by providing each recipient with individualized, event-driven instructions. Thanks to fast, targeted information, the affected system can be brought back on line more quickly for less loss of production uptime.



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