Peak performance for the lime kiln – Service-Lift on constant duty

At its lime plant in Meißner, Köhler Kalk GmbH relies on high-tech equipment and methodologies for processing the raw material. To maintain their high quality standards daily inspection-, maintenance- and repair jobs have be carried out in the plant. Recently, in connection with the construction of a new lime kiln, a permanent lift system was installed. From all available options on the market Köhler Kalk GmbH has chosen the indiviudally configurable Service-Lift manufactured by Böcker Maschinenwerke GmbH based in Werne. Under normal everyday conditions, this kind of lift is used to lift people and material from one level to another.

Thanks to its wide variety of uses and applications, lime has become a raw material of major importance, e.g., in the iron steel industry, construction sector and agriculture, as well as in environmental protection. However, before it assumes its ultimate state and form, lime must undergo various different processes. Of course, such is the case at Köhler Kalk GmbH in Meißner. Every day, the plant and equipment is inspected, maintained and, as necessary, repaired in order to keep the production process going smoothly while ensuring consistently high quality. Preventive and corrective...

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