US 2021/0078902 A1

Portland cement manufacture using municipal solid waste incineration ash

(22) 18.09.2020

(43) 18.03.2021

(57) Various examples related to Portland cement manufacturing using municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) ash are provided. In one example, a method includes providing a raw kiln feed including MSWI to a kiln, forming ash-amended clinker (ACK) by heating the raw kiln feed in the kiln, and preparing ash-amended cement (AAC) from the ACK. The MSWI bottom ash can make up about 5% by mass or less of the raw kiln feed. The ACK can have a chemical composition that meets ASTM C150/ASTM C595, and the AAC can include arsenic, barium, copper, and lead consistent with defined Soil Cleanup Target Levels. In another example, a system includes a kiln, a kiln feed system that supplies raw kiln feed including MSWI bottom ash to the kiln, and a finish mill that grinds ACK formed by heating the raw kiln feed in the kiln to form AAC.

(71) University of Florida Research Foundation, Inc., Gainesville, FL (US)


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