EP 3 950 635 A1

Production method for cement clinker and cement clinker powder

(22) 13.03.2020

(43) 09.02.2022

(57) Portland cement clinker that includes C3A and C4AF in total from 22 to 40 mass % calculated by Bogue’s formulas and has an iron modulus (I.M.) of 0.8 to 1.3 is produced. The burned raw materials are annealed at a cooling rate of 20 °C or lower at least to 1200 °C so that the lightness of the cement clinker is made high. When annealing till lower temperatures, the lightness value becomes generally higher, but the effect becomes negligible lower at 1000 °C. Therefore, the raw materials are quenched at 1000 °C and lower for improving the productiveness.

(71) Tokuyama Corporation Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi 745-8648 (JP)

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