Protective clothing for working on a heat exchanger

PPE specialist Mewa has developed its “Exclusive Cement” protective clothing, especially for cement production. This system, consisting of a waisted jacket, elasticated trousers, and a hooded helmet, offers employees maximum protection when working on a heat exchanger. The bonus factor – the Mewa rental system has integrated protection. Delivery, pickup, treatment, and professional maintenance of clothing are all included in the service.

The special design of closures and pockets on the front of the clothing prevents the penetration of hot meal in critical situations. A stand-up collar protects the neck and the individually adjustable sleeve hem protects the wrists. The dungarees incorporate bags for insertion of knee pads, so that kneeling activities can be carried out comfortably. The protective clothing is made of a relatively light, soft and washable fabric, providing employees with a reliable protective clothing, which is comfortable to wear. The clothing is certified according to EN ISO 11611 (suitable for use in welding and allied processes), EN  ISO 11612 (protective clothing to protect against heat and flame) and EN 1149-3 and -5 (protective clothing with electrostatic and dissipative properties).

New hood for externally ventilated helmet

New to the collection is a helmet hood that can be combined with the 3M „Versaflo“ externally ventilated helmet. The hood extends to the chest and can be laterally regulated by a push-button. The new helmet hood is worn exclusively in combination with the 3M Versaflo helmet and the M-972 protective cover. The Velcro straps for the fixation are sewn onto the protective cover and the counterparts are supplied with the helmet hood.


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