RU2690624 (C1)

Rotary kiln for making cement clinker

(22) 19.09.2018

(43) 04.06.2019

(57) Field: technological processes. Substance: invention relates to devices for production of cement, in particular to rotary furnace for preparation of cement clinker, and can be used in cement industry, construction and production of construction materials. Furnace comprises a horizontally mounted and section-mounted housing, resting on the support rollers via the bands, a double drive consisting of two electric motors and two reduction gears, two under-wheel gears, one rim wheel, a feed pipe for supply of raw material to the cold end of the furnace, head for supply of fuel and air to furnace hot end, chain filter-heater, heat exchangers, grate-pusher refrigerator, water cooling plant and central lubrication system, wherein housing is made in form of multisection multi-start conical screw drum from ring-shaped polyhedral sections with formation along its outer perimeter directed towards each other at least four broken right and four left screw lines and along internal perimeter of not less than four broken right and four left screw grooves with reduction of sections sizes from furnace hot end to cold one, wherein along the perimeter of the screw drum there formed are broken surfaces of flat faces of different shape and dimensions, wherein in each of ring-shaped polyhedral sections between faces in the form of equilateral triangles there are faces in form of isosceles triangles with lateral sides equal to lateral sides of equilateral triangles and decreasing along body length from furnace hot end to cold bases, which are smaller than sides of equilateral triangles. Effect: simplified manufacturing, expanded process functionality and increased efficiency.

(71) Federalnoe gosudarstvennoe byudzhetnoe obrazovatelnoe uchrezhdenie vysshego obrazovaniya kubanskij g (RU)


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