Safe operation of dust extraction systems

When explosive dust-air combinations have to be extracted, the dust control equipment must be explosion decoupled. In an emergency, flames must be kept from penetrating into the ductwork, possibly causing an explosion. ProFlap III, a backpressure flap made by Keller Lufttechnik, seals off the raw-gas side of the system. Normally, the flow of air keeps the flap open. In case of an explosion, however, a pressure surge arriving from the opposite direction snaps it closed. In all models, the closed flap seals off the pipe and locks automatically in place. The new ProFlap III series meets the stricter criteria of EN 16447.


This global player and mid-range enterprise recently introduced a new family of filters under the heading KLR. That abbreviation stands for Keller Long Run. These new filters have larger effective surface areas that reduce the pressure drop across the filter, thus saving some five percent on energy. They are better protected against wear and therefore extremely long lasting. KLR-filters can perform up to 120 000 cleaning intervals with no loss of quality.


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