Safety clothing at the highest level

The Bardusch Group introduced its new range of products for professional life in November at the A+A show in Dusseldorf. The industry-specific solutions of the Ettlingen, Germany based company range from attractive professional clothing to highly wear-resistant protection equipment, complemented by a coordinated all-round service.

Bardusch is setting new standards with the welder-protective clothing “Weldstar Professional”. As the first multi- functional clothing to match the new standard ISO 11611, the highest protection class 2 as well as ISO 11612, class E3. Molten metal splashes and glowing particles as well as heat and flame exposure leave the clothes in the truest sense of the word cold. A permanent flame retardant fiber blend, including Kermel, ensures a constant protection. Additional advantages of the protective clothing are the discharge of static electricity (EN 1149-5 ), skin compatibility and the low weight of the material.

Bardusch has also extended its “Euro Safety” program: goggles, gloves, clothing and safety shoes provide labour protection from head to toe. The brand combines special PPE (personal protective equipment) and protective clothing for various industries and applications. Therefore, Bardusch cooperates with almost all of the approximately 1000 suppliers of PSA products. Customers can order the products from individually designed web shops round the clock online.

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