Stockertown Plant’s 100th Anniversary

2016 is a milestone year for the Stockertown Plant, Pennsylvania/USA. Although the plant location was initially intended to begin development in 1906, the financial panic of 1907 delayed construction and the site laid idle until 1916 when construction finally began. Hercules Cement was incorporated in August 1916.

Today, the Stockertown plant is one of five operating cement plants in the Lehigh Valley which at one time listed more than 60 cement plants. The area is known for its Jacksonburg limestone formation.

On 04.06.2016, a Plant Open House was held. More than 250 workers, retirees, families, friends and community leaders attended the family-oriented, nostalgia-filled, industry technology and environmental update event. Tours of the plant and the recently-created environmental reserve “The Hercules Meadow” were conducted. A custom magazine, “Stockertown Plant – A Hundred Years In The Making” was developed to document the plant’s history.


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