Studies on guest-ion incorporation in Portland cement – Part 2

Using solid-state NMR spectroscopy allows identification of the incorporation of guest ions in minor components in the phases of Portland cement clinker. In the second part of the article, further examples of possible element characterizations are shown.

4 Aluminum and sulphur guest-ions in alite and belite

Limestone is increasingly being used as an additive to Portland cement [22] where a part of it will react with the hydrating aluminate species, released by dissolution of the calcium aluminate and ferrite phases or the Al3+ guest ions in alite and belite, and form calcium monocarboaluminate hydrate (Ca4Al2(OH)12CO3 · 5H2O). Thus, limestone acts not only as a filler but contributes also to the strength development by the formation of this phase. For traditional mixtures of Portland cement and limestone, the optimum performance is achieved at...

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