US 2021/0039278 A1

Systems for bulk blending of cement powders

(22) 05.08.2020

(43) 11.02.2021

(57) A bulk storage plant for providing cement mixtures oil well construction is disclosed. The bulk storage plant includes bulk storage sources, an additive station, a weigh batcher, and a tumble blender. The bulk storage sources are adapted to contain cement ingredients. The additive station is adapted to provide an additive for adjusting cement properties. The weigh hatcher is connected to the bulk storage silos and the additive station. The weigh batcher is adapted to receive the cement ingredients from the bulk storage sources and the additive from the additive station. The tumble blender is connected to the weigh batcher and is adapted to receive the cement ingredients and the additive from the weigh batcher. The tumble blender is adapted to blend the ingredients and provide the blended ingredients to one of a temporary storage silo and a storage vessel for transport to the oil well site.

(71) Adaptive Industrial, Inc., Mount Pleasant, NC (US)


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