TÇMB will walk into the future as TürkÇimento 
with its new identity and logotype

The Turkish Cement Manufacturers Association (TÇMB) will continue to work under the new brand TürkÇimento. Promoting the change of its identity and logo at an online launching meeting, the association shared its vision of the future with the public as TürkÇimento.

TürkÇimento (former TÇMB) is a non-governmental organization representative of the cement sector established in 1957 with the association status. It represents a total of 66 facilities in Turkey including 50 integrated facil-ities and 16 grinding facilities. A member of the European Cement Association (Cembureau) since 1972 as the international representative of the Turkish cement sector, TürkÇimento successfully undertakes a number of responsibilities from research and development services to training, international collaboration, certification, sectorial data collection, collaboration with the universities, non-governmental organizations and other institutions.

New vision, new logo

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Tamer Saka, made the following remarks on the change of brand, the strategic goals of the organization and its vision for the future: “We have come together to present our new identity and logo that symbolizes it. Emphasizing the importance of perceptions, investment and Turkish products (…), as cement industry we are protecting our national values and taking them into the future. We’ve witnessed enormous changes in the managerial, social and economic areas for a while, like all the countries of the world. In this environment of transformation and uncertainty, which is even more complicated with the pandemic in which institutions like us have a great responsibility to direct the future.

The main initiatives to be undertaken with a new vision are as follows: “First of all, we are planning a position paper on the city vision. In this document, we’re going to clarify how cities should be in 2050. It will be created with the contribution of participants from different segments, which we consider from different perspectives such as urban planning and socio-economics, and will be a document for our future. The Architecture Awards project will be launched next year. We strive to reward professional architects and university students alike. We are planning to introduce new CSR and digitalization initiatives.”



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