WO 2022/036923 A1

Technological process for changing physical and chemical properties of new phosphogypsum by using calcium hydroxide

(22) 02.12.2020

(43) 24.02.2022

(57) A technological process for changing physical and chemical properties of new phosphogypsum by using calcium hydroxide, relating to the technical field of new phosphogypsum treatment and utilization. In the present invention, an amount of calcium hydroxide is calculated according to a chemical principle and a substance structure theory; and by means of a proper technological process, waste residues produced from a phosphate fertilizer plant, i.e., the new phosphogypsum, are converted into building gypsum in situ without dam building and aging. The present invention is mainly characterized by comprising the following steps: (1) detecting content of water-soluble P2O5, P2O5 in crystals, water-soluble fluorine, Fe2O3, Al2O3, NH4+, and MgO in the new phosphogypsum; (2) determining mass B of calcium hydroxide or mass C of calcium oxide; (3) uniformly mixing the new (…).

(71) Li, Siyan, Hubei 441000 (CN); Li, Wenguang, Hubei 441000 (CN)


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