25.04. – 29.04.2016, HANOVER/GERMANY

The age of Integrated Industry begins at Hannover Messe 2016

“Integrated Industry – Discover Solutions” is the lead theme of Hannover Messe 2016, which takes place from 25.04.-29.04.2016. The digitalization of factories and energy systems is the foremost topic at the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology. For the first time more than 100 specific examples of applications are expected at the fair. In Hanover, visitors from the manufacturing industries learn step by step how to convert their production plants into Industry 4.0 factories. Visitors from the energy industry discover technical solutions for intelligent energy systems.

Today’s world of energy generation, distribution and consumption is more complex than ever. Future energy systems require increasingly detailed solutions that interact with each other via an intelligent system. Electricity comes more and more from decentralized generators that need to be networked. Energy storage and distribution also has to be digitally controlled. Power grids and data networks are converging. Hannover Messe presents solutions for connecting the entire energy chain – from generation, transmission, distribution and storage all the way to alternative mobility solutions – under the heading ‘Integrated Energy’.

In recent years, Hannover Messe has pioneered the Industry 4.0 era. Rarely has a technological development made such a profound impact so quickly. What previously was a vision is now a reality, ready for use in factories. Hannover Messe 2016 will give this trend further momentum – not only with new technologies, but also with the new business models that they enable.

For example: with predictive maintenance, machine and plant engineers embed sensors in machinery so that it can independently indicate that it will soon require servicing. Using this data, the machinery manufacturer can build his after-sales business by offering timely maintenance services to factory operators. Therefore Discover Solutions is not only about technological solutions, but also about creating new business models.

With Partner Country USA, ­Hannover Messe welcomes the world’s biggest economy. Leading U.S. companies will demonstrate their solutions for Integrated Industry. Plus, the U.S.-based Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) will present itself at a special display area. IIC is a globally active organization that promotes the development of the Industrial Internet of Things. Hence, all the key players in industrial digitalization will gather in Hanover: German companies with mechanical and electrical engineering expertise, leading U.S. software providers, and companies from China and Japan that advocate Integrated Industry from their side. This creates new partnerships, ideas and solutions along the way to Industry 4.0.



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