KR20200065160 (A)

The all in one type system of carbon dioxide collecting and transforming into carbonated mineral at cement industry

(22) 29.11.2018

(43) 09.06.2020

(57) The present invention is a cation extraction unit for selectively extracting cations using an extractant from waste discharged from the cement production process; a collecting mineralization simultaneous process performing unit for collecting carbon dioxide discharged from the cement production process using an absorbent and reacting the collected carbon dioxide with the cation supplied from the cation extraction supply unit to produce carbonate minerals; a mineral absorbent separating unit for separating the carbonated minerals and absorbent produced by the collecting mineralization simultaneous process unit, and resupplying the separated absorbent to the collecting mineralization simultaneous processing unit; an alkaline electrolyzer for recovering and regenerating the extractant used in the cation extraction unit, and resupplying the regenerated extractant to the cation extraction unit; and a waste heat supply unit for supplying waste heat generated in the cement production process to the alkaline electrolyzer. It provides an integrated system for collecting carbon dioxide and converting carbonate minerals in the cement industry.

(71) Pyeong Hwa Eng & Consulting Co Ltd (KR)


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