The potential of additives in cement production

As a construction material, concrete faces growing requirements – the same therefore applies to cement. One of the key objectives is to reduce the cost of cement production and the associated environmental impact at the same time as improving efficiency. Under the Master Builders Solutions brand, BASF brings together its technical know-how and comprehensive range of products to offer suitable solutions on the basis of its extensive experience. The MasterCem product line from BASF comprises a wide array of milling aids, specifically formulated milling aids and speciality products.

1 Introduction

A transformation has been in progress in the cement industry for some time. This not only means formidable challenges but also new opportunities. On the one hand, cement factories need to become more and more efficient at the same time as reducing their environmental impact. On the other hand, customers are calling for increasingly high-quality, high-performance cement for more and more complex buildings and increasingly durable infrastructure facilities.

Manufacturers therefore face the conflicting tasks of improving throughput, reducing costs, enhancing the performance...

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