The program of the first seminar on alternative fuels

The first Loesche Seminar will focus on “Alternative Fuels” that will give opportunity to discuss the future of alternative fuels and latest trends for the cement & lime industry. The seminar will take place from 07.05.-08.05.2015 at the ­Hilton Danube Hotel in Vienna/Austria.

The program includes the following lectures:

First seminar day – 07.05.2015

Step-by-step approach to alternative fuels
What will be the future of alternative fuels?
ReduDust concept
Process optimization for the cement industry
Filter technology – latest trends
A TEC’s NOx reduction below 200 mg/Nm3

Second seminar day – 08.05.2015

Ultimate cement kiln process technology
Alternative fuels in a Rocket Mill: ­operating experiences
New burner for 100 % alternative ­fuels
Mercury emission reduction in ce­ment kilns

During the first visit to the cement plant Rohožnik/Slowakia, the ReduDust concept will be presented with the possibility to efficiently recycle 20 000 t/y bypass dust.

First experiences of processing alternative fuels in a Rocket Mill will be presented in detail at the second plant visit at Wi­e-tersdorf in the South of Austria. The recent experience of 90 % fuel from municipal waste will be discussed. In the same plant the process implemented for the reduction of mercury can be seen in operation.

With the world’s cement industry constantly looking for ways to cut production-energy costs, there has been a strong move towards the use of alternative fuels. Firing with materials such as municipal solid waste (MSW), plastics, sewage sludge, biofuels, waste wood, used tyres and other biomass is on the increase, replacing more expensive traditional fuels such as coal.



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