WO2019232687 (A1)

Ultra-rapid-hardening special inorganic cement material and preparation method therefor

(22) 05.06.2018

(43) 12.12.2019

(57) The present invention relates to an ultra-rapid-hardening special inorganic cement material and a preparation method therefor. The material is prepared by co-grinding gypsum with a clinker obtained by steaming and calcinating lumps produced from fly ash, lime, and water. Therein, 60-80 parts of fly ash having a water content of 10 %-20 % are mixed and blended thoroughly with 20-30 parts of lime to form lumps, and the lumps are steam cured at 120-200°C for 4-14 h and then calcinated at 750-900°C for 30-120 min, and air quenched to obtain the clinker. 90-95 parts of the clinker are co-ground with 5-10 parts of gypsum to a specific surface area of 350-500 m2/kg, to obtain the material. The prepared inorganic cement material enables energy savings and is environmentally friendly, and features rapid coagulation and early strength, continuous long-term strength development, good water resistance and acid corrosion resistance, and is applicable to sprayed concrete engineering, underwater and underground engineering, etc. The ultra-rapid-hardening special inorganic cement material is used in proportion with Portland cement, improving the strength of the cement to some extent.

(71) Huazhi Energy Conservation (HK) Co., Limited (CN)


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