US 2022/0153642 A1

Wastewater treatment system and
method for producing sludge for cement manufacturing

(22) 31.01.2022

(43) 19.05.2022

(57) A wastewater treatment system, including a wastewater phase-separation device, may be used to combine at least one primary treatment chemical and wastewater to produce cleaned water and a sludge byproduct. The wastewater treatment system may also include a wastewater dewatering device that may be used to combine the sludge byproduct and at least one secondary treatment chemical to produce a Medium to High Solids Content Sludge without excess water. A method for producing sludge for cement manufacturing may include combining wastewater and at least one primary treatment chemical to form a liquid phase and a solid phase, where the liquid phase includes clean water and the solid phase includes a sludge byproduct, separating the liquid phase from the solid phase, combining the solid phase with at least one secondary treatment chemical to form an intermediate that contains excess water, and removing the excess water from the intermediate to form a Medium to High Solids Content Sludge.

(71) Alden Group Environmental Solutions, LLC, The Woodlands, TX (US)


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