Wet preparation at Schaefer Kalk

Schaefer Kalk, with registered offices in Diez an der Lahn, is a family-managed lime industry company with a long tradition and plants located in Germany, Europe and around the globe. Ever since the company’s foundation in 1860, innovative thinking, high quality standards and diversification into lime products for numerous industries have made Schaefer Kalk a byword for burned and unburned lime products, precipitated calcium carbonates (PCC) and premixed dry mortars. Its range of products extends from limestones and calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide, up to and including ready-for-use milk of...

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Issue 2016-5 LEIBLEIN GMBH

Vacuum belt filters, all-rounders for filtration and dewatering

Using a Leiblein vacuum belt filter for recycling wash/process water offers the advantage that pure mechanical cleaning often involves no chemical change in the medium. Compared to a hydrostatic...


A single shaft Maerz HPS kiln for Schaefer Kalk Malaysia

Schaefer Kalk GmbH & Co. KG, the renowned German lime manufacturer, has been operating a major lime plant in Kuala Ketil, a small town in North Malaysia’s Kedah province since 1997. As is typical for...

Issue 2017-5 AU 2017201329 A1

Method of treating industrial water

(22) 27.02.2017 (43) 16.03.2017 (57) The invention relates to a method and apparatus of removing sulphate and soluble metals such as calcium from water. The invention relates also to a method of...

Issue 2011-03

Road Show at Intensiv-Filter

At the end of 2010, Intensiv-Filter invited employees and the project manager of Schaefer Kalk, Diez a.d. Lahn/Germany, for an information day (Fig.). The objective was to inform the guests of the...


Energy consumption and CO2 content in the flue gas of normal shaft kilns: Part 2: Influence of the limestone quality and the process parameters

1 Influence of the CO concentration in the flue gas The lime shaft kiln is used in the lime industry in order to produce so-called medium to hard-burnt lime. This type of kiln is also used in the...