For decades now, there has been an excellent cooperation on many topics between Siemens’ cement department and the trade journal ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum. The competent and technically researched articles are well accepted in the cement industry, as the articles have depth and are well researched and are not just pure advertising.

Sustainability is in our DNA, which is why sustainability and digitization play an extremely important role in the Siemens Group and thus also in the cement department. Everything we do is designed for sustainability and much of this has been practiced for decades. Automation solutions such as CEMAT (which has now been on the market for almost 50 years) guarantee efficient and energy-saving operation for the cement and lime production sectors. It goes without saying that new and innovative digitization solutions are constantly being developed and adapted in close cooperation with industry partners in order to make the manufacturing processed even more effective.

Looking to the future we hope that the ZKG magazine continues to provide comprehensive coverage of the global cement, lime and gypsum industry with selected technical articles with a German and European perspective including competent, reliable and unbiased information about the current trends in the industry. Issues should focus on specific topics  and view these from different perspectives, from the end customer or consumer to the manufacturer and supplier to research.