bp and Cemex team up on net-zero emissions

bp and Cemex have announced that they will work together on accelerating the progress of Cemex’s 2050 ambition to deliver net-zero CO2 concrete globally.

The two companies have agreed to a memorandum of understanding to develop solutions to decarbonize the cement production process and transportation. These potential solutions may include low-carbon power, low-carbon transport, energy efficiency, natural carbon offsets, and carbon capture utilization and storage technologies. Additionally, they intend to work together to develop urbanization solutions envisioned to decarbonize cities.

“This initiative with bp is another example of the work we are doing with partners across industries, academia, and startups to tap into the latest innovation and disruptive technology to achieve our ambition of delivering net-zero CO2 concrete globally to all of our customers,” said Juan Romero, Executive Vice President Sustainability, Commercial, and Operations Development of Cemex.

Helping cities and corporations to decarbonize is a core part of bp’s long-term strategy. The RC&S team aims to build enduring relationships with cities and corporations around the world to offer bespoke, integrated and decarbonized energy solutions to complex energy needs – providing energy that is clean, reliable – and also affordable. And to decarbonize high-tech, consumer products, heavy transport, and heavy industry sectors – working with companies that currently have significant carbon emissions to manage and share bp’s net zero ambition.

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