Çimentas¸ Elazig˘ places order with A TEC

The Austrian engineering company A TEC Production & Services GmbH has been awarded a contract by Çimentas¸ Elazig˘, with its plant located at Elazig˘ in Anatolia, Turkey, for engineering for the upgrade and efficiency optimization of its preheater. The scope of modifications comprises redesign of all four cyclone stages, riser ducts and related equipment with the target to reduce the total preheater pressure drop by approx. 25 % and increase of the production capacity by at least 8 % on sustainable basis. The project has been scheduled to be executed in two phases, 1st (top stage) and 2nd stage modification to be completed in May 2014 and 3rd and 4th stage in 2015.

Phase 1 was successfully commissioned mid May 2014, resulting in a sustainable production increase by 8 % already now and pressure drop reduction at ID fan inlet by about 19 % at pre-modification production rate. Based on the Phase 1 results it is expected that the pressure drop before the ID fan will be reduced beyond the target figures after completion of Phase 2, which will allow even higher production at less specific power consumption (kWh/t) on the ID fan than initially targeted.


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